Create Calm Space In Your Home

It’s never been more necessary to create calm space in your home. Fortunately, there are plenty of simple ways to bring more tranquility to your living space that don’t necessitate hiring an interior designer.

EMBRACE SCENT. One of the easiest ways to evoke happy memories is through fragrance. An aroma can transport you to cozy family holidays past just as easily as it’ll send you to the euphoric morning of your wedding day. Place CANDLES or FRAGRANCE DIFFUSERS strategically next to your bed or in the living room to bring the outdoors in.

Conquer the clutter. As we spend more time than ever inside our homes, it’s only natural that clutter accumulates on all surfaces. Create convenient storage options that make it easy to tidy up. A tub you can throw that pile of all unfinished paperwork into at the end of each day. A laundry cart on wheels you can move from room to room. A toy box that’s easily hidden under the coffee table. It’s important to create space at the end of each day for your body and mind to regenerate.

Bring the outside, in. It’s no secret that a walk outside will make whatever mental load you’re carrying feel instantly lighter. Bring some of this emerald green medicine indoors with an assortment of indoor plants. There are plenty of low maintenance varieties that will compliment any room you stand them in, while also eliminating toxins from the air, re-oxygenating your home as a bonus.  

Make the bedroom a sanctuary. A sanctuary within your sanctuary. Create a space you enjoy spending time in and good sleep will naturally follow. A FRESH wash of calming white paint on the walls, some sheer LINEN curtains to filter the light, and a new set of breathable bedsheets is all it takes to transform your sleeping quarters into a place of full body restoration.