Elevate The Little Moments At Home This Winter

You are one great candle away from all of the good energy.  

If the preceding couple of years have taught us anything, it’s to celebrate the little things, wherever we find them. So consider this your permission slip to turn your mundane into a mega moment at home this winter.

Making over a moment begins when you tap into your senses. Nothing sets a mood as quickly as the right light can. Candlelight casts a warm glow that instantly makes any occasion more special. CIRCA scented Soy Wax Candles have rounded faceted vessels which reflect both sunlight and the glow from the lit candle in the most magical way. And the Gilver shade (a unique combination of both gold and silver) of the lid adds a luxurious touch to any interior styling.

Here's how to set the tone, whichever moment at home you’re intent on making special this cool season.


Even if you’re digging into Japanese takeaway, a meal at home can be just as memorable as Michelin star dining. Set the table with linen napkins, put on some music and light a light, bright gourmand candle like Mango & Papaya. These food-centric fragrances bring instant joy and a bubbly atmosphere to your space. Mango & Papaya is pure sunshine in a scent. Notes like passionfruit, jasmine, musk and vanilla make for something sweet and tropical – like sipping on a cocktail, without actually having to serve them. Pair the Liquidless Diffuser Arc Holder and Scent Stem Refills for the scent of paradise without mess or spills, or light up the candle and set it pride of place in the centre of the dinner table.


As far as winter activities go, none are more perfect than the old-fashioned movie night. Keep the whole thing cosy by lighting the remote and the popcorn bowl with the gentle, warming glow of Vanilla Bean & Allspice. An amber scent like this one shrouds your space in a comforting cuddle, like you’re cosied up beneath a luxurious cashmere throw. This deliciously scented candle also boasts notes of soothing sandalwood, patchouli and bergamot.


Nothing activates relaxation mode for an evening soak in the tub like the warm, golden glow of a candle. Amber & Sandalwood is a sophisticated delight to the senses. Grounding, spicy amber scents wash the space with a feeling of calm and ease. The sweetly sized 60g Soy Candle sits neatly on the sink, so you can soak up the ambience even in a small space.


If something more active is on your winter evening agenda, the right candle doesn’t just bliss you out. Lighting the wick of a fresh fragrance like Sea Salt & Vanilla can keep the energy lifted and the competition firing. The unexpected combination of sparkling sea salt and creamy vanilla meet for a real zing, energising the senses and inspiring action.


Shopping online is our other favourite way to spend a winter night in. Discover more of our range of beautiful scents by clicking here.

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