How To Create A Magical Tablescape Your Guests Will Swoon Over

You don’t need a certification in styling to master the art of Tablescaping. Tablescaping is the art of transforming a meal into an experience your guests will never forget and swoon over for days to come.

With the social scene now taking full priority, the new trend has lunch/dinner parties taking pleasure in scaping their tables in elaborate fashion, so with the help of our friends Steph and Ella Kolide @kolideinsta, you’re just 3 steps away from impressing your guests with a magical tablescape.

“We’re always in the mood for creating a beautiful tablescape for a long lazy lunch, particularly when it’s Christmas, the most magical time of the year.. cue Andy Williams.”


A theme is always a good idea, whether you are going for a classic bauble red and mistletoe green or a more contemporary colour palette or something more extraordinary like a Magical Village scene. The way to style a cohesive and elegant table is to pick a theme and express it throughout. Don’t limit yourself to one shade, mix different colours that harmonise each other.

“When it comes to curating a whimsical tablescape, our top tip is to start by picking a theme or colour palette. This year to bring the magic of the season to life, we chose a mix of greens and reds for the glassware, plates and serving dishes. I love to stick with traditional colours”, Steph Kolide.


The recipe for a magical festive centerpiece incorporates colour, flowers, foliage and sparkle. Flowers and foliage, also known as greenery, are a non-negotiable element of any tablescape centerpiece, as it adds a fresh and lively dimension to the table, which makes the space look more inviting and engaging. “It’s nice to experiment with layering, texture and height to add some depth and interest to your setting. We opted for a lush green floral arrangement that added height, contrasted with ruby red apples, which we scattered across the table to serve as a fun still-life element adding some playfulness and texture to the setting.”

Finally, consider scattering candles down the middle of the table for instant sparkle and ambiance. Dressed in a frosted white vessel, our seasonal fragrances are perfect to create a magical atmosphere – pick from Pine & Snow Gum, Gingerbread Cookies and Raspberry & Rhubarb or if you’re like us, we’ll use all three. Adding festive fragrance will elevate the magic in the air, creating an atmosphere of Christmas cheer. “Scent is a magical way to create a sensory experience.”

Try; setting the Raspberry & Rhubarb Soy Candle and Fragrance Diffuser in the middle of the table for a bright, cheery and bubbly atmosphere. “We loved adding the finishing touches to our table with CIRCA. Playing with a mix of fragrance diffusers and soy candles, the limited edition scents from the collection transported us to a Christmas wonderland. Neutrally designed vessels, they work beautifully with any aesthetic and will add a sophisticated touch to a Chrissy lunch.”


This is where the look comes together. Plating, cutlery and napkins are the second most important part of your magical tablescape, as this is a powerful way of setting the tone for the whole table.

Use this time as an excuse to dust off those fine china pieces, fine dining cutlery and vintage champagne flutes to make the setting luxurious.

Finish off your table setting with a few small additions to give your tablescape more personality. As a fun and festive placeholder turn decorated gingerbread cookies into makeshift name places complete with piped icing names. As for a small gift idea for guests to tote home, we recommend splitting up our Mini Candle Trio. By adding these finer details, guests will feel even more special.

And there you have an easy guide to creating a magical tablescape for your next event. Don’t forget to share your magical Christmas table styling on our Instagram, @circafragrances and more importantly enjoy the magical festivities ahead with family and friends.

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