How to show gratitude this Mother’s Day

She means the world. So make sure you’re giving it back to her. 

Of all the days on the calendar, the one celebrating mums and maternal figures is arguably the most important. Without them, we’d be nothing. So give her the credit she deserves with a sentimental idea and a perfect-for-her gift. Say thanks for everything, including your entire existence, and say it with CIRCA.


A thoughtful gift that looks as pretty on the outside is always going to make her day. For a present that will scent her space from floor-to-ceiling (and offer serious savings), opt for the Oceanique Fragrance Set, which comes complete with a 250mL Fragrance Diffuser (for easy scenting of big spaces like the living or dining rooms), a 450mL Hand Wash (gorgeous on display on the bathroom sink) and a 60g candle (perfect for beside her bed) in our iconic refreshing scent. If she favours fragrances that remind her of tropical holidays, put a bow on the Mango & Papaya Hand Care Duo Set. Or for a wallet-friendly take, the Jasmine & Magnolia Gift Bag contains a selection of our favourite minis.


It’s the only thing you can never get more of, so showing a special someone that you really care is best done by dedicating them more of your precious time. Switch off your phones and spend time talking, connecting and laughing.


Food has been a point of connection for hundreds of years. Find out her favourite recipe and hit the kitchen to make it for her, or commemorate the special day by having her teach you a family favourite that her mum may have taught her. She’ll get a magic memory of a shared activity as well as the thrill of passing on an heirloom.


Flowers bring life and joy to her space, but freshly cut isn’t the only way to do it. Scent her home with a floral fragrance for a bouquet that lasts for weeks (not days) with one made for the home. The limited edition Lily & Rosewood scent is a sophisticated floral she will love. In the long-burning 350g Soy Candle or 250mL Fragrance Diffuser, it weaves a comforting and inviting veil of warmth around her four walls. 


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