Introducing CIRCA Scents Of Summer

The sunny season is finally here, you can almost taste it – The salt water, the balmy fresh air, the nip of a tropical spritz and the sweet and juicy taste of a fresh cut mango! This summertime bliss has us spending long, lazy days at the beach, soaking in the summer rays and splashing through the saltwater.

Want to prolong those warm balmy days and bring the aroma home? Our new Limited Edition Scents of Summer Set is perfect for you or as a gift for your summer loving friend!  

Designed to capture that warm-weather, tropical island feeling and infuse a sense of relaxation into your space. We’ve covered every summer fragrance that will instantly transform your home into a tropical oasis, think zesty citrus, tropical fruits, fresh florals and a cool ocean breeze.

Let’s take a peek AT what’s inside this set

This Limited Edition Scents of Summer set is dressed in a colourful look and features four miniature scented Soy Candles in our most loved summer fragrances Mango & Papaya, Pear & Lime, Jasmine & Magnolia and Oceanique.


Enticingly tropical, the exotic mix of Mango & Papaya is a sunshine in a scent that will bring a balmy island air throughout your home, instantly transporting you to a tropical island.

Tip: Place it in the corner of your living room, to prolong the long, lazy day at the beach. Accentuate the balmy days with tropical cocktail in hand. You will find our Mango & Papaya mocktail and/or cocktail recipe here.

Continue this juicy ripe ambience with CIRCA’s always ‘on’ Mango & Papaya Fragrance Diffuser. Can’t get enough of this fruity fragrance? Discover more of the range here.


The freshest scent of summer. Made up of Bergamot, Mandarin, Hyacinth and Sandalwood, the small soy blend is enough to turn any space into a calming coastal oasis. An uplifting, fresh and universally loved fragrance. Cleansing aquatic notes, add a clear moment of calm, like closing your eyes and breathing in the cool ocean air. A thoroughly refreshing summer companion.

Our miniature scented Soy Candle pairs perfectly with our Oceanqiue Liquidless Diffuser Scent StemsTM, using our innovative dry diffusion technology, it is perfect for busy homes with young children or active pets, without the worry of flames or spills.

Tip: Place the miniature Soy Candle and Liquidless Diffuser alongside each other on a shelf in the study – a perfect duo to awaken the senses.

Can’t get enough of this invigorating fragrance? Discover the rest of the Oceanqiue fragrance family range here.


Featuring fragrance notes of Mexican Lime and Anjou Pear, the counterbalance of the tangy bright citrus with a clean hint of sweetness gives this blend a powerful punch like a reviving drink on a hot summer day, like today. Meanwhile, bottom notes of Sandalwood and Vanilla perfectly ground the scent. Undeniably fresh, it’s a lively and fun fragrance that suits every room, nook and corner of your home.

Tip: Try adding this zesty, fruity miniature Soy Candle in the kitchen to spark a little pick me up, while prepping your next cocktail.


Refined and romantic, Jasmine & Magnolia is a subtle way to fill your home with notes of white flowers and sweet musk, like throwing open your balcony windows to a crisp breeze of soft flowers and dewy gardens. Nothing says warmer weather more than Jasmine & Magnolia.

Tip: To evoke a happy feeling, add this graceful fragrance alongside our best selling Jasmine & Magnolia Hand Care Duo set, it’s a wonderful accompaniment for your ensuite.

Ready to invite that dreamy summer oasis into your home?

Experience the Limited Edition Scents Of Summer Set for $54.95, valued over $75.