5 Ways to Creating the Perfect Tablescape Dedicated to All Mothers.

‘Mum - A person who loves unconditionally, the maker and keeper of precious memories, a person much loved and greatly admired’

Lia Townsend


With the whole day dedicated to appreciating how much you or a special woman in your life does, it’s time to pull out all the stops. Think high-tea, spongy cakes, florals and lots of pink. So we’ve complied our top 5 brunch I do’s to creating the perfect tablescape with the help of our friend and DIY expert Genvea Vanderzeil, @genevavanderzeil – really, it’s all about keeping it simple and using as much as you can from home.



The key to designing the perfect tablescape is to start with a colour palette or theme, whether you are going for a classic pink theme or a more contemporary colour palette, or something more bright and bold like yellow and orange, the way to style a cohesive and elegant table is to pick a theme and express it throughout the tableware and decorations – keep this in mind when gathering items.  

We recommend choosing a colour that references your mother’s favourite things, it could be her favourite colour or the colour of her birthstone – it’s the little things that mean the most to her. And if her favourite colour is pink, our White Lavender & Sage Soy Candle 350g is the perfect addition with it’s pink ombre vessel.


The focal point of your table is the centrepiece! Build your tablescape around a cherished or DIY item which doubles as a unique and sentimental centrepiece. To gather inspiration for a meaningful table, we recommend checking closets, cabinets and bookshelves to look for hidden treasures from favourite trips or items passed down through the family.

Geneva, @genevavanderzeil loves to add her personal touch to the table by creating a DIY piece, think upcycled cake stands repurposing empty CIRCA candle vessels!

“Candles are one of my favourite things, and I always love re-using the jars for something creative. This time, by making cake stands using CIRCA’s gorgeous faceted empty candle vessels to celebrate Mother’s Day”

To make, collect your empty CIRCA candle vessel and a classic raised rim plate you already have, or purchase from your local store. Clean and empty the candle jar from any wax and fragrant oils, using warm soapy water. Next, Geneva mentions to paint the vessels in your mum’s favourite colour, for Geneva’s mum it is anything peach or pink, choosing forever peach. Once the paint has dried after painting your vessels, grab your hot glue gun or super glue (purchase from your local hardware store) and line the base of the candle with glue and stick to the bottom of your chosen plate. Viola, you have made your very own cake stand, the faceting of the vessels will create a timeless cake stand and luxurious touch to the table.

Next is to add flowers and foliage. Flowers are a non-negotiable element of any tablescape centrepiece, adding a fresh and lively dimension to the table, making the space look more inviting and engages the senses. To keep it all cost effective and fresh, buy what is in season.

“I will be putting together a little morning tea for my mum including some DIYed cake stands using my leftover CIRCA candle jars, the prettiest flowers and allll the sweet treats.”


This is where the look comes together. Plating, cutlery and napkins are the second most important part of your tablescape, as this is a powerful way of setting the tone for the whole table.

Use this time as an excuse to dust off those fine pieces of china, fine dining cutlery and champagne flutes to make the setting extra luxurious. As a rule of thumb, cloth napkins are a MUST have for the table, as they make the occasion feel special and anchor a timeless look.

Finish off your table setting with the warm, earthy aromas of White Lavender & Sage to accompany your brunch – A perfect scent to add a relaxing and intimate atmosphere, while creating new cherished memories with mum. It elevates the setting to another level.


Consider a few small additions to give your tablescape more personality and sentiment. As a small gift to say thank you for all that you do, add our Cotton Flower & Freesia 60g candle with a handwritten note. We also find another easy way to show the matriarchs in your life a little extra love, add some old photos of you and your mum or you and your family to make it even more special – triggering precious memories spent together, that your mum will cherish forever.



As for the menu, sweet treats like pancakes, waffles and cakes, accompanied by a tea or coffee come to mind. We find these make the best brunch, as they are warm, comforting, carby and drizzled with sweetness.

We recommend trying to bake our sweet showstopper, a Lavender & Blackberry cake recipe from our friend, Lia Townsend @stories_to_gather – Going to the effort of baking something fresh, shows an expression of love and appreciation. Plus, it will also look beautiful on your DIY cake stand.

After something more savoury, a savoury tart, quiche or crostini on your brunch spread is elegant and sitting on your DIY cake stand adds a touch of high-tea luxe. Light and fresh, you can showcase fresh, seasonal ingredients – some of our favourites, tomato bruschetta with balsamic glaze, smoked salmon cream and cheese cracker bites and spinach and feta quiche.


There you have our top tips for the perfect tablescape, whether you’re planning a Mother’s Day brunch or afternoon tea, it is sure a way to impress and honour the women who mean most to you.


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