How to Give Your Empty CIRCA Candle Vessels a New Lease on Life

If you’re anything like us, you have hundreds of candles scattered around the house. What many candle connoisseurs don’t realise are the potential accents their favourite candle jar has post-burn!

If your candle is on its last legs, there are dozens of creative ways each empty candle vessel can be reused allowing it to have a second life.

Before we go into our top tips for repurposing, the first thing we must do is clean the jar. The approach we recommend is to:

1. Soak the candle vessel in hot (not boiling) water.

2. Use a spatula or spoon to lift the remaining wax disk in the jar.

3. Place wax in the bin and never down the drain.

4. Wash glass with soap and warm water to remove any wax and fragrant oil residue or place in the dishwasher. Repeat process if necessary.


Now that you’ve got a sparkling clean vessel, here are a few of our favourite ideas with the help of our friend, Monique @mon.ique.a.


Our CIRCA vessels are the perfect size to hold all your skincare essentials, make up brushes, eye and lip pencils, hair clips or even q-tips or cotton pads.

“I love to elevate my bathroom space and display beautiful, repurposed pieces. I find the clean lines and curved edges of the faceted vessel add a luxurious touch to any space.”


Choose a plant that doesn’t require drainage like a succulent. Fill the vessel with potting soil then add your seeding. Plus they also do not require as much attention as other plants.


Consider repurposing your CIRCA vessel as a makeshift desk organiser or pen holder. Adding some sophistication to your workspace.


Monique @mon.ique.a, loves to repurpose her CIRCA vessels by painting them and adding these into her home styling to be used either as a vase for flowers or layered amongst different shaped and sized vessels.

“I like to repurpose both 60g and 350g sized candle vessels, adding different painted designs to each. To achieve a smooth painted finish, use spray paint or you can be delicate with your brush strokes so there are no lines left once the paint dries.”


Have a sweet tooth? We find our CIRCA candle vessels are also perfect to be used as lolly jars for your next event or to house your favourite wrapped chocolates.

There you have some simple and creative ways to help give your beautiful CIRCA vessels a second life.

Feeling inspired? Share how you reuse your candle vessels with us @CircaFragrances #ReUseCIRCA

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