How to ROAR in Good Luck for the Lunar New Year with these Auspicious Rituals.

With everything that has already happened in the first month of 2022, would it not be great if we can re-start the New Year again? The opportunity is just around the corner with the Lunar New Year being ushered on 1st February.

The Lunar New Year marks the beginning of a New Year for Chinese and is one of the most important festival celebrated. Each year is marked by a Chinese zodiac animal, 2022 being the Year of the Tiger.

There are many rituals for those who celebrate the Lunar New Year and it surrounds dispensing last year’s bad luck and preparing the home to receive the New Year’s good luck, which includes lots of cleaning, feasting and the sharing of wealth….yes, you are reading right!

Very much a belief of the Chinese community, to let good luck into your home, in the Year of Tiger, one of the key must-do is Spring Cleaning (it’s Spring Cleaning because Lunar New Year is celebrated at the start of Spring in China). This means decluttering, repair and replace, and a good clean to be rid of the bad luck. Cleaning the home may not seem like the most joyous traditions, but it is a ritual and it sets the tone for the new year to start FRESH. Post the cleaning, then it’s about setting ambience at home to make room for the good luck.


This is where fragrance zoning comes in….making the room and spaces around the house smelling fresh and ready to welcome the Lunar New Year. In many Chinese homes, auspicious red and gold decorations are used. To elevate the festivity, we recommend CIRCA’s Rose & Lychee Soy Candle and Fragrance Diffuser. Try pairing your Rose & Lychee Candle and Diffuser with chocolate gold coins or nuggets and a mini lion-dance decoration (both available from Chinatown shops). The arrangement can sit on the entrance’s console or dining table, a lovely way to welcome your guests, adding to the fun and festivity.


What’s a holiday without the feast? The heart of Lunar New Year also involves feasting (and lots of them). Often they involve re-union dinners with the family, and these normally involve more traditional and elaborated dishes at home or in Chinese restaurants, often celebrated a couple of nights before the New Year day. Dishes served normally have auspicious names such as “Prosperity Toss” (often known as Lo Hei, Yee Sang, Yusheng), “Budda’s Delight” (Lo Hon Chai), “Turnip Cake Progress” (Lo Bak Kow). Feasting is known to be bringing good luck, as a full (and happy) tummy is a lucky one! With all the cooking that is done at home, CIRCA’s Kitchen Alchemy™ with White Tea and Wild Mint Hand Wash and Lotion is just the thing to keep those hard-working hands cared and nourished, and smelling fresh again.


In most Asian countries, the first few days of the Lunar New Year are public holidays, where many families will visit each other at their homes bearing gifts of mandarin, boxed chocolates and cookies, and wine. Again the colour focus here is on red and gold. Married adults will be sharing some of their wealth by giving out red envelopes (also known as angpows, hong bao symbolizing good luck) consisting of new bills…everything “new” is good on Lunar New Year. Red envelopes, of a higher value, are also expected to be gifted to parents and grandparents as a gesture of respect and caring for their needs during this festive time.

Lunar New Year is such a fun, festive time to experience culture and for those that celebrate it, it’s filled with lots of auspicious traditions. So, dust the house, freshen up with CIRCA fragrances, get the red envelopes ready to welcome the Year of the Tiger and all its good luck into your home.

Wishing you a Prosperous New Year (Gong Xi Fatt Chai)!

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