White Lavender & Sage

The miraculous effects of lavender have been understood for centuries if not milenia. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans alike all swore by the medicinal properties of this potent plant. In recent years, in a world where anxiety, stress and sleeplessness has become a mainstay of modern life, lavender has undergone something of a resurgence - its proven calming properties are a welcome natural alternative to more toxic tinctures. Sage, the other half of this perfect pair, has been used for just as long for mental clarity and to ease fatigue. So what better gift than nature's most relaxing scent.

A Limited Edition Fragrance

The limited edition White Lavender and Sage collection has been carefully curated to stimulate the senses. From the elegantly designed packaging to the serene scent this range has been designed to be the perfect accompaniment to those special moments shared with loved ones.

Available in...

White Lavender & Sage Soy Candle 350g

With the pink ombre decorated vessel the White Lavender & Sage Soy Candle looks as good as it smells.

White Lavender & Sage Fragrance Diffuser 250mL

This contemporary take on a tried and tested classic is the perfect complement to any sideboard, mantle piece or nightstand.

Liquidless Diffuser Duo & Scent Stems™ Refills

Get the best of both worlds with this winning combination in the Liquidless Diffuser Duo, packaged and designed for peace of mind with serene scents and fresh fragrances.

Also available individually, the White Lavender & Sage Scent Stems™ Refills are like a relaxing soundtrack providing a slow release of soothing serenity.

Available online at circa.com.au and in selected stockists for a limited time only.


Soy Candle 350g

Fragrance Diffuser 250mL

Assorted Fragrances

Scent Stems™ Refills

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