Ring In Spring With A New Scent For The Season

Herald in the new warmer, sunnier season with a fragrance that fits.

Of all the seasonal shifts that happen over the course of the year, none is as momentous as the one which occurs between winter and spring. Days get longer and new flowers bloom. If spring were a mood, she would undeniably be joy. And just as you trade out your warm, winter blacks for flirty, floaty floral dresses, so too should you switch up your scent at home to match that changing mood. The best scents for spring are those with fruity and floral notes – the kind that amplify that joy and vibrance the weather brings. Take your pick from these spring - perfect fragrances to fete the new season in style.


For instant freshness at home, Blood Orange radiates immediate warmth and sunshine. Citrus notes like grapefruit and lemon are energising and motivating – exactly how you want to start off your spring. There’s a juicy quality to the scent which make it perfect in a Hand Wash and Hand Lotion, to jump start the day, and for regular reapplications. Notes of jasmine and musk temper the vibrancy of this light, bright fragrance to ensure it’s also sophisticated and unique.


If your idea of a holiday is lounging by the pool with a cocktail in hand, then you might prefer to set the springtime tone at home with Coconut & Watermelon. This juicy gourmand fragrance smells almost good enough to eat. Watermelon and grapefruit are zesty and sparkling, while coconut milk makes it velvety and smooth. The combination means it’s perfect for social gatherings like a group dinner or Sunday barbecue because it adds a festive atmosphere. Light the long-burning 350g candle if you think the party might go into the wee hours.


It’s the season when the flowers are probably at their most beautiful, so it’s no surprise that floral scents can set the tone in spring perfectly. Jasmine & Magnolia is a sweet, feminine floral which thanks to notes like frangipani and ylang ylang, has a comforting, nostalgic quality that will keep you coming back. The warmth of a lit candle amplifies the warming nature of the fragrance, or it is just as delicate and elegant in the Liquidless Diffuser Set.


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