This Is The CIRCA Difference

Each of our candles have been lovingly prepared by the hands of our candlemakers.

So, if you’re reading this, chances are that you already understand how great our gorgeous home fragrances are, but there’s a possibility you can’t put your finger on the why. So, we’re revealing the secrets to CIRCA’s success.


Our products are proudly Australian made. The candles are hand-poured and hand-packaged by artisans, because we think that’s what gives a perfect wax pour every single time. It means CIRCA products have a premium level of personal care and attention that makes all the difference to how you use them back at your place.


CIRCA candles are made from a soy wax blend – it’s what allows for the consistent performance and clean burn for which we’re famous. We’ve also thought of everything, including the wick, and how integral it is to how you enjoy your home fragrance. Because we know it’s the best, CIRCA candles have lead-free cotton wicks. We’ve also done extensive testing to determine that 7mm is the perfect length for the best burn, so trim accordingly using our wick trimmers.


At CIRCA, we know that true quality takes time. Each of our products spend about 18 months in development before it hits the shelf. Our in-house Creatives collaborate with the world’s best fragrance houses to craft our fine fragrances. Each of them are named with two hero ingredients because we know that fragrance magic occurs when notes sing together in harmony. Every CIRCA product also undergoes rigorous testing in our Sydney lab to ensure it meets our incredibly high standards. We care not just how it smells, but how it burns, how it lasts and how it lives in your life.


And yes, what’s inside your CIRCA products is key (and we spend a lot of time on making that perfect), but so too is the outside. We house our fine fragrances in vessels you will be proud to display. Elegant, chic and timeless, these are candles which can complement any style of home décor, from minimalism to maximalism. Fragrance which designed to fit in with your home and your life 24/7, the beautiful, rounded edges scatter the light when it’s lit, or capture sunlight when it’s not.

Take a wander through our range of 12 unique home fragrances, in whichever form you favour, here.

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